Saturday, November 6, 2010

#5 Large Orch

The Feeling:
       Still in the mood of writing movie soundtrack ideas, this is transitioning back and forth from the choppy bits to long drawn out chorded sections

       Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (woohoo cello solo!), The Bells of Notre Dame

       The choppy was the first idea and in my head that note was an A, and so it was.  To give a foreboding feeling, I surrounded that A with close neighbors Bb and G for some awesome dissonance.  The jumps to high notes I head in my head and tabbed out as so.  To make matters progressive, there's a small 3/8 leading into the first big chord section to finish the scale that had developed and push into the first large Dm chord.

       All the following chords are total experimentation with a personal favorite: trusty, algorithmic, visual writing in the Cubase midi editor, looking for progressions to throw in or steps that work out nicely.  In these, I'd hear a quick 4 note theme sequence in my head and give it to the top middle or bottom line, then write the chords around it, not really telling the listener when they switch, or when two happen at once (sneaky).

       The piratey cello disturbed the running A notes further, throwing more close neighbors, while always returning to D for the assurance of Dm.  It dares to step into much flatter Cm for a bit, returning before the next large set of chordal experiments...which are sweet.

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