Saturday, November 6, 2010

#6 Jot 12

The Feeling:
       This was written back in 2006 as a way to break the barrier with odd time signatures, while keeping it flowing and moving.  The drums were just added for extra kick.

        I know I wanted to use Fm for the key, was and still is my favorite.  No direct inspirations here, this was mainly visual writing with a violin and cello track in Finale NotePad.  This certainly sounds better than the midi version I've listened to for so long...

       The time of choice here was 13/8, with a 3+3+3+2+2 rhythm pattern, the bass accenting this, and the top just running a constant string of 8th notes.  One of my favorite moments early on is the first 14/8 at 0:15, where after the middle voice has just held a Db, the top dips to a Dn (natural) for one note before scooping up to the 4 Ebs in a row before the next measure with another F.  It creates a pretty nice sweeping scale.

       It's also neat to me when the odd time sigs break for two measures of 4/4 where the bass just holds a long, low Bb and the top builds up and up before hitting the high note C5 right as the low takes a quick dive to the low F0, pulling back into the 13/8 original feel.  Then the ending breaks back into 4/4 for power's sake and ends the song back on the tonic Fm.

       All drums were visually written, but mostly ideas heard in my head first.  I love the three cymbal crash types at 0:26 that ended up serving a pattern throughout.  Large crash...small crash...CHINAAAAAA!!... repeat.  Man...totally unexpected, but awesome.