Saturday, November 6, 2010

#4 Main Theme

The Feeling:
       The buildup into the title of a dark movie, followed by some background soundtrack.  Part of a trio with Completely Ominous and Sad Dark n Sweet below to write for the score of a potential post apocalyptic movie.

       It always comes back to Linkin Park's papercut or Ozzy's crazy train with a riff like this, but I wanted to keep the C#m from the previous songs and this idea came to me as is, the rest just developed on itself.

       Papercut and Crazy Train use the root of the key with the 4th, 5th, and minor 6th on top to create the riff, constant running 8th notes and alternating between the root and upper notes.  In here, the root is on top, flipping down to the other intervals, which make their way back up to the root in pitch.  The last 5/8 measure of the phrase was manually constructed (meaning visually done in Guitar Pro with many playbacks and small edits), knowing I wanted something progressive there with an odd time.

       The piano underneath puts a dark strength off of the 1st beat while the quieter strings in the back keep on beat atmosphere.  The speed up came from nowhere and was recorded immediately, then redone with distortion...after which the 7/4 low jam, also improvised first shot, was laid in with the new doubled tempo.  Once the energy was spread out from the heavy section, it cools into a keyboard representation of what the guitar was doing just earlier, keeping with the creepy.  All guitar was done with an Agile 8 String tuned down a 1/2 step.

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