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Starting in May 2007, Eye Of The Beholder formed with guitarist/composer Drew B., bassist Nick L., and singer Aaron M..  This trio would write most of "The Eyes Have It" material over the next 3 years before incorporating fellow cousin/guitarist/composer Will R. and prog drummer Mike P. (coincidence on the name?).

Combining Will's previous songs into the different albums and writing new ones hence forth, we have almost 50 tracks and over 5 albums worth of written material ready to be recorded in our home studio constructed in 2010, containing:
     -Tascam DM3200 digital studio http://tascam.com/product/dm-3200/ (highly recommend)
     -3.2GHz PC - Cubase 5 recording software - Guitar Pro 6
     -LA7000/Alesis DM6 double sized electric drum kit
     -Condenser/Dynamic mics, Amps, Guitars/Basses

With Dream Theater as our biggest influence, along with Threshold, Kansas, Boston, Rush, and Disturbed, we strive to make intriguing, driving, powerful, progressive music that spans acoustic to hard metal while keeping clean sung vocals throughout.  To us, progressive is longer story telling songs with real meaning, concept albums, odd time signatures, key changes, tempo changes, solo sections, instrumentals, and instrument experimentation to make no limit great music.

Do Enjoy.

- Eye Of The Beholder