Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#7 At A Glance

The Feeling:
       Another oldie written way back in 2005, this was another Finale experiment in Fm to pull some gorgeousness

       Not directly to any song, mostly visual freewriting

       After writing the first two chords stepping through by quarter notes, I put in the bottom line to double the chord roots on the halves, and wrote the top line to make sure each note was within the chord (I still thought it heresy back then to have intervals out of the given underlying chord).

        The 2nd section, as I would call it, has just the middle line running 8th note arpeggios all starting on F and trying different chord or note combinations.  Top and bottom lines were added to this odd progression of chords to match where it eventually opens up into the 3rd section where all of the voices enter.

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