Saturday, November 6, 2010

#3 Absolutely Ominous

The Feeling:
       Going for the creepiest thing I could write

       VHDBL soundtrack, use of newly created "Dark Strings" custom instrument in Cubase

       Actually trying out this "computer keyboard as a pseudo midi keyboard" thing, which works well, but takes practice which I didn't bother with.  Top line done in a single take, focusing around C#m with notes half and whole steps apart branching of and walking along with no set tempo or time.

       Then the bottom piano was added in cementing in your mind that this will remain C#m regardless of the weird accidentals on the top line, also adding an almost consistent, pulsing, pushing feel to the song, like creepy slow dragging a leg walking.  Then the drum parts with alternation of the rim shot sound and bass drum with occasional tom runs was all done in one shot with the not so fancy keyboard.  Reverb like crazy and you have a creepy song.

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