Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#16 Descent

The Feeling:
        Wrote it this morning and recorded it. As wild and progressive metal as I could make it.  Simply jammed the idea out of my head one bit at a time into Cubase.  Luckily I took notes on each inspiration as it came up and drew a sweet picture layout of the song to remember everything that was coming to mind.

        Mutiny Within - "Awake": That fast single note intro diving into the driving riff, developed the metal feel of the song
        The Human Abstract - "Nocturne": Always been inspired by the seemingly random sections in this incredibly heavy and very progressive song
        Dream Theater - "Octavarium": Right after the EM keyboard solo that descending scale that speeds up as it drops gave this song its similar scale down to the choppy section
        TMC - "Exp5 Large Orch": Yes. I inspired me. I wanted to have a choppy section followed by a clean sweeping section, which happened
        Animusic - "Resonant Chamber": Had just listened to it this morning and lent the Bbm to AbM chords in the clean section
        Dream Theater - "This Dying Soul": In the ending solos, the small fast 7/8 repetitive scales that act as transitions inspired this song's 6/16 transitions
        Dream Theater - "Honor Thy Father": Well...the intro of course, I didn't consciously think of this reference, but it's most likely an influence nonetheless.
        Beethoven - "5th Symphony 1st movement": (Featured in Fantasia 2000) Some sweet and powerful passages from here for inspiration

        *System Of A Down - "Cigaro": To make a short, high energy, heavy song

       Written on the Agile 8 string tuned down a half step, the first idea was the choppy section on the low Gn.  Thinking of Awake, I wanted some single note intro, which I played with for a while.  There's a "growing" aspect to the intro, where the alternating bottom chord hits have 1 note, then 2, then 3, before the scale to the Gn choppy section.  Had to go to clean sweep for random progressive effect.
       Really, the idea was to make a short song.  So I'll add Cigaro to the inspirations for a tiny heavy song.  So, each idea was only 2 measures long and most of the song is transitions. I'd like to keep it this way for the rest of the writing when I finish it someday...

        This is another one that should be explained by time signatures:
Tempo = 120bpm throughout, Key EbM

Intro:   2/8   1/8   2/8   2/8   5/8   2/8   3/8   12/16   4/8   4/8
Choppy:   8/8   13/16   8/8   4/8
Clean:   4/4   2/4   12/16   12/16
Choppy2:   3/16   8/8   13/16    3/8
Slide Ups:   2/4
Choppy Beeth:   3/16   8/8   9/16   8/8   6/16   4/8   4/8
These Dying Scales:   6/16   6/16   6/16
Ending?no.:   8/8...

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  1. Awesome stuff man, keep making music.

  2. wow. you should really set up yourself as an Itunes publisher if you can. this is good

  3. Looking good man, you gotto keep this up!

  4. nice bro well done... keep it up i really like this.... fallow

  5. Amazing bro, why aren't you famous yet? lol but seriously, you're very good, all professional and stuff

  6. Good stuff, dude. It's a damn shame people like Lady Gaga and Beiber get more attention than people with actual talent.

  7. Nice video, sounds good!

  8. seriously good stuff
    dont remember any music theory or anything from my schooling, kind of a refresher :)

  9. This sounds really cool. Good job. Following.

  10. It sounds good, but it doesn't seem natural to me, the signatures seem a bit too "random"

  11. You keep pumping out quality tracks like this, our site and every other music site out there is going to be seeing you on our front page.

  12. Sounds like you know what you're talking about. Keep up the good work ;)

  13. Progressive music often has varying time signatures so it's norm for this song to have it.

  14. Youve got some crazy skill, keep it up

  15. Really good man. Big fan of this type of music. Just needs some slightly cleaner production values to make each instrument stand out a little, but exceptional work.