Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#15 Intro Tape

The Feeling:
       This is an idea for an EOTB "Intro Tape" recording, played at the beginning of a live show right before the first song of the night.  Definitely dark and ominous, but also very fetching.

        Dream Theater's Intro Tape for their Systematic Chaos tours: Sprach Zarathustra
        Also, just playing one of our songs "Foresight" on a different tuned guitar

       This riff is a detuned, slowed down version of the EOTB song "Foresight" from The Eyes Have It disc 2.  It's a 9/4 riff (4/4 + 5/4 feel) typically played in Bm on a 12 string guitar.  I just loved how different it sounded when played on my Fender tuned 3 1/2 steps down (A D G C E A - Blind Faith tuning :D), plus a further whole step down playing the riff on open strings (Am chord) rather than baring the 2nd fret (for the Bm chord).
        Slow it down, add some distortion to accentuate the 11/4 measure in the middle with the F E D scale for extra epicness. Oh, and add some droning echopad keyboards with dark piano.


  1. kinda cool. I cant do shit like that so grats.
    Will follow daily for more updates.
    I appreciate your support as well.

  2. Good job. I wish I could do things like that :)

  3. fantastic music! im loving your tunes upload moar moar!

  4. I'm so glad that people are liking it!! More to come soon for sure, but PLEASE spread the word of TMC and Eye Of The Beholder if you like it!!

  5. I have a feeling this blog would be WAY cooler if my computer had speakers. Oh well, looks nice!