Friday, December 10, 2010

#11 Jacksonville

The Feeling:
       Epic and spacey.  This was the opening on our term project this semester for a graduate level satellite communications class at Georgia Tech.  While we were holding our last meeting, I opened Cubase and began to throw notes together while taking ideas on how to piece our finished video together.  It immediately became the title music.

        Visually written from what was playing in my head.  Aha's Take On Me could've been an inspiration.  I have no clue on the title Jacksonville, I always name a song the instant its written and that's what I came up with.  It's better than "Riff 1...Riff2...Song1...", and then someone later "hey I really like song 57!...or...58 was it?...". Jacksonville.  Maybe people in Florida will relate.

       The bottom line was fully written first with the fat synth matching in the beginning, then carrying the theme on its own.  Very typical of my writing for epic songs with root and octave jumps in a minor scale, plus long strings of running 16th notes (underneath) that alternate from some chord base to notes within or near the chord.  Bbm is so sweet and epic.

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