Thursday, December 2, 2010

#10 Boogers and Cheese

The Feeling:
       Written in 2006, this was a discovery of the "ahh" choirs in Finale NotePad, consisting of a female line, male line, and midi drumkit.  I wasn't going for much of anything, except that I had just written At A Glance, and that quarter note arpeggio chord idea was still strong.

        Visual writing, At A Glance

        This song builds a foundation from the first two spread out chords that happen in the bass line.  The top line running 8th notes outline the chord, alternating down to the root.  Each "subsection" repeats and a new top line idea was created with a new idea for the drums.

       The song really didn't have a direction to begin with, so it really didn't have a logical ending at the time, just a throw of chords and patterns that sounded awesome.  If anyone wants me to pick it back up and finish it...I might be able to get into that mindset again.  I don't know though, nothing will be able to touch the classic feel of the original now...every new idea is automatically inferior. :D


  1. host the songs yo! so we can listen!

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  2. Alright, took captcha off. Thanks man!