Thursday, March 10, 2011

#18 Stars (complete)

The Feeling:
        Well, here's the rest of it...Clean Bridge, Solo, Final Chorus, and Outro of the song Stars (#13 on here before) all together and better mixed.  8th song from "Tales Of Human Struggle", this song is similar to Stories Unheard in its relatively compact rock verse-chorus format and recording on the down 1/2 step Agile 8 string.

        For these last few parts, the inspiration came from playing that acoustic part on my solo setting.  I liked how it sounded so much that it just had to be in there, especially transposed up 1/2 step into Bbm.  I needed a buildup transition from the clean section, which was inspired slightly from "The Hidden Truth", one of our first album songs.  The final chorus is a mashup of riffs in the song transposed up a whole step, and the outro is like the 2nd intro.

       I like how the ending culminates the 3 main ideas in the song (1. Intro1  2. Intro2  3. The first acoustic riff in Abm with the little 3/8s).  After the buildup, #3 becomes a power solo in Bbm, followed by #1 as a chorus in Fm with the high to low left ear dropout part from before, the little 3/8 from #3 transitions another key change from Fm to Bbm, the #1 in Bbm comes back and that unison  harmony is placed on top, even though it's a slightly different pattern, and finally, #2 is used as the outro using the same transition as the intro from #1 to #2, just in this new key, which worked out as planned to use the bottom F 8th string for the riff.
Yaaay culmination.


  1. this shit rocks. thank you for sharing.


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