Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#13 Stars

The Feeling:
       This is the Intro, Intro2, Verse1, Low Riff, Verse2, Chorus1, Solo Break, and Clean Break of a song in progress...lyrics pending for later.  I always give new songs random but "meaningful" names (Foresight, Standstill, Stand My Ground, Final Vision...etc to name a few) that later inspire the lyrics.  Those lyrics in turn through smoke and magic create concept albums, even though the ideas were completely unrelated before.  I'm thinking of "Stars" to be about the dichotomy of the seemingly glamorous life of a celebrity versus their negative perspective of all the stress and publicity etc. with themes regarding space throughout...possibly? maybe.  If anyone has ideas, pitch them in the comments!

        Let's see...most of this was some riffs (mainly the two intros) that I would jam continuously last summer before I finally wrote them down on paper.  I however feel some In The Name Of God (Dream Theater) for the transition after the solo and before the clean break with the low left ear.  The clean section is a variation of the first intro in a different key...so is the chorus.

       Ebm is just epic. I love it.
       The key signature is changing all over the place throughout the verses (mainly between 7/4 and 8/4 with some 9/4s and an extended 11/4 before the chorus), but it's hard to tell since the beats are all right on the quarter notes (no 8th note odd times and such until the clean section with some 3/8s).  These verses were not designed in this way manually, but rather a product of the last closing phrase off of the 2nd intro repeated with long held notes (saving room for vocals).  The pattern is just what came out naturally, and drums were added separately much later (like 3 days ago).
        Then it was time to slam in the heavy and rock the 2nd intro on the lower strings (the high Eb Bb strings map nicely to the identical low ones) so it had to be there.  Naturally, a low 2nd verse had to follow that, with heavy palm mutes, but keeping the same pattern.  And since this was all on Bb, lets just bring intro1 back for the chorus since it was strong!...in Bb though.
        The solo was totally random jamming...but I liked it, so I went back to learn it for this recording.  The next part of the solo (unison thing) with the buildup is totally ripped from one of my earlier songs "Stand My Ground" in a PreChorus, but no one can tell.  Except I just told you.  Plus it's my material, so...that's ok. sorta. :D


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